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25 MAY 2022

1-6 pm CET

The GDPR was celebrating its 4th anniversary. What better time to talk about learnings, best practices and the importance of a holistic approach to Privacy, InfoSec and Compliance (PIC) to future-proof businesses!

Bringing together Europe’s leading experts, the 2nd EPIC Summit was a half-day remote event that unlocked the knowledge, tools and technologies you’ll need to implement or comply with applicable legislation and simultaneously boost business growth and trust.

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The Future is




Consumers want their personal data to be handled securely and their privacy to be respected – companies want to fuel their businesses with high-quality data from these consumers. That's why regulations like the GDPR have been put in place to ensure consumers can trust businesses and give them the information they want freely.



In InfoSec, it’s not only about protecting personal data, but also company information and reputation, blueprints, knowledge, facilities, and employees. Most companies whose information security has been certified (ISO 27001) can confidently say that they are also privacy compliant, and consequently prove they are secure and trustworthy.



Compliance essentially means adhering to applicable laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices. Making Privacy and InfoSec an integral part of a company’s processes are the first steps towards a holistic compliance concept. To make it a success, businesses need to live compliance across all functions and create a cultural shift to get everyone onboard.

Unlock the potential of a holistic PIC approach, benefit from insights and best practices, and get in touch with Europe’s leading PIC experts.



Unlock best practices on:

  • how to implement the new EU Whistleblowing Directive
  • how to ensure compliance across your entire supply chain (EU Supply Chain Act)
  • how to use the EU Data Act to have more effective data flows


PIC is about enabling growth - learn about:

  • how to run effective and compliant marketing & outbound activities
  • how to run scalable global compliance operations
  • how to increase PIC awareness in a fast paced environment


Trust is one of the fundamentals for success - learn:

  • how to build trust with PIC in your US operations
  • how to use consent to build trust and increase your marketing ROI
  • how to deal with Data Protection Impact Assessments


Secure your business by understanding:

  • the impact of the new cyber war on businesses
  • how to effectively mitigate malware risks
  • how to avoid common pitfalls with TISAX®, SOC, and ISO 27001


Unlock the knowledge you need to:

  • understand and manage the risks your company is exposed to
  • implement Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA) when working with global partners
  • be successful working with and from the UK post-Brexit


Technology is at the core of a future-proof PIC strategy – learn about:

  • how to incorporate Privacy considerations when building a tech product
  • what matters from a PIC perspective when buying software
  • how to leverage technology to decrease internal workload
How to minimize and restore impact of cyber risks

Stage 2 | InfoSec

The future of cyber risk

Wouter Goudswaard, Chief Commercial Officer @ eye

Job Kuijpers, CEO & Founder @ eye

Quo vadis Hinweisgebersysteme & Datenschutz

Stage 3 | Compliance

Quo vadis Hinweisgebersysteme & Datenschutz? – Aktuelle Erfahrungen aus 6 Monaten Whistleblowing-Richtlinie und Referentenentwurf

Dr. Frank Schemmel, Practice Lead International Privacy & Compliance @ DataGuard

Collect, store, delete

Stage 1 | Privacy

Collect, store, delete - How to develop erasure concepts

Wojciech Kleta, Senior Privacy Consultant @ DataGuard

Kathrin Riez, Head of Privacy @ DataGuard

Modern pentesting for security and development teams

Stage 2 | InfoSec

Modern pentesting for security and development teams

Sven Sellen, Enterprise Account Executive @ Cobalt

Österreich – das gallische Dorf des Datenschutzes

Stage 1 | Privacy

Österreich - das gallische Dorf des Datenschutzes

Karolina Stepka, Privacy Consultant @ DataGuard

How to stay ahead on the expanding attack surface

Stage 2 | InfoSec

How to stay ahead on the expanding attack surface

Rickard Carlsson, Co-Founder @ Detectify

GDPR compliance in a fast changing legal enviroment

Stage 3 | Compliance

GDPR compliance in a fast-changing legal environment

Julius Schulze, Partner Manager @ Usercentrics

ISO 27001 – the road to external audit

Stage 2 | InfoSec

ISO 27001 – the road to external audit

Rob Hine, Head of Partnerships @ bsi

Kyle Tackley, Team Lead Tech & Privacy Practice (UK) @ DataGuard

eCommerce_ Marketing-ROI stärken

Stage 3 | Compliance

eCommerce: Marketing-ROI stärken durch First-Party Data

Thomas Tauchner, Co-CEO @ Jentis
Björn Prickartz, Head of Analytics & Conversion @ pixum
Lukas Mehl, Senior Privacy Consultant @ DataGuard
Data protection & blockchain

Stage 1 | Privacy

Data protection & blockchain – squaring the circle?

Kathrin Riez, Head of Privacy @ DataGuard
David Guthoff, Consultant Public Finance Management
Dr. Stephan Simon, Chief Financial Officer & Head of Staking @ Immutable Insight
How to future-proof a unicorn

Stage 2 | InfoSec

How to futureproof a unicorn: the compliance journey

Ewa Walsh, Head of Programme Management @ Flipdish
Kevin Watson, VP of Programme Management @ Flipdish
Policies & your ISMS

Stage 2 | InfoSec

Policies & your ISMS – how to combine efficiency and quality

Yazid Khorma, Information Security Consultant @ DataGuard
Maximilian Frainzl, Product Owner @ DataGuard
Datenschutz vs. Privatautonomie

Stage 1 | Privacy

Datenschutz vs. Privatautonomie – Von Kundenkontos, Datenschutzbehörden und was auf Vertragsbasis wirklich geht

Dominik Schmidt, In-house Lawyer in the automotive sector

ESG & compliance risk management

Stage 3 | Compliance

ESG & Compliance-Risikomanagement im Lichte des neuen deutschen Lieferkettengesetzes

Sina Janke, Counsel & Co-Leader Compliance.Group @ ARQIS

Datenschutzsensible Kultur – Balance zwischen Privacy und Revenue-1

Stage 1 | Privacy

Datenschutzsensible Kultur: Balance zwischen Sales und Revenue

Desiree Grohmann, Legal Counsel @ RMS

Blackbox Wistleblowing – Was muss getan werden-1

Stage 3 | Compliance

Blackbox Whistleblowing – Was muss getan werden?

Markus Sultzer, Chief Revenue Officer & Member of the Executive Board @ EQS

Anabel Bernig, In-house Lawyer @ Topregal

Manuel Müller, Principal Customer Success @ DataGuard

EU Data Act Draft – selected challenges for switching data processing services and international data transfers

Stage 3 | Compliance

EU Data Act Draft – selected challenges for switching data processing services and international data transfers

René Schneider, Legal Director @ CGI

Privacy by Design & Default – Erfolgsfaktoren für die Praxis

Stage 1 | Privacy

Privacy by Design & Default – Erfolgsfaktoren für die Praxis

Marijam Özdemir, Team Lead Privacy (SMB) @ DataGuard

Aktuelle UNECE Cybersecurity Challenges

Stage 2 | InfoSec

Aktuelle UNECE Cybersecurity Challenges im Automotive-Sekto

Tobias Janik, Team Lead & Information Security Consultant @ Capgemini



Businesses, public institutions, and associations who want to set themselves up for a compliant future and continuous success.



DPOs, CISOs, ISOs, Compliance Officers and related roles looking to share experiences, obtain insights, and learn about technologies to help them tackle PIC challenges.

Thought Leaders


Academics, innovators, trendsetters, and all those who like to challenge the status quo and want to discuss the latest PIC developments, regulatory changes, and future compliance trends.



Individuals who want to learn more about Privacy, InfoSec and Compliance, future trends, and the importance of trust in the digital era.

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